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"Always nice to come back to." (Woolmer Green)

"Warm, dry and comfortable. Marked contrast to the weather!" (Kenya)

"Very comfortable. 2 nights stay. Quiet and relaxing." (Cornwall)

"A good place to stay. Dark, stary skies at night." (Twickenham)

"Very quiet and able to relax." (Lancashire) 

"Cute, comfortable room, nice breakfast." (Leiden)

"Thank you for a comfortable and peaceful resting place, it was everything I needed." December 2015

"Absolutely perfect.  We travel a lot and this is one of the nicest places we have stayed    in.  Thank you for a wonderful night."  Dec. 2015

"Perfect, relaxing stop off, thanks."  September 2015

"Excellent we will come again."  July 2015

"Very welcoming and comfortable.  Lovely breakfast.  Thank you."  September 2015

"We were well looked after by kindly hosts, thank you."




Heron House Bed and Breakfast
Canon Pyon Road, Portway, Burghill, Herefordshire, HR4 8NG  
Email: info@theheronhouse.com 
Telephone: 01432 761111
  Fax: 01432 760603